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[SQ] ONE: Manage your cleaning services digitally.

Ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises.

We understand that managing a cleaning business is a complex process that involves many people. Creating a schedule that fits everyone’s needs and keeping an eye on the staff’s timing, while assuring a good customer experience can be challenging. Get things done with [SQ] ONE, our all-in-one solution.


All benefits at a glance.

All benefits at a glance.

Digitally support your business processes.

Displaying cleaning information and having users provide feedback allows you to make cleaning visible and give it the appreciation it deserves.

soniq's solutions enable you to respond quicker, achieve greater transparency and ensure the best quality of service.

Save time and money with optimized scheduling of replacements and streamlined management and deployment processes.

Digitization means change. Harmonize cleaning schedules and store important data in one place.

Our goal is to make things convenient for everyone involved. That is why soniq's user interface is available in many languages.

We know that digitization can feel overwhelming. As experts in the field, we support you through every stage of the process.


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